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View of Main Swann House. Photo credit JoPhoto from Knoxville.
Swann Plantation is Now Swann Stables
January 9, 2020
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Shari Coleman, Owner of Swann Stables

Shari Coleman, Owner of Swann Stables

Meet Shari Coleman of Swann Stables

Brides and grooms find themselves in safe hands with Shari Coleman when planning their wedding at Swann Stables.

Shari and her husband, John, acquired the two-story Victorian-era 50-acre estate in 2013. Restoration work on the 140-year old property began in earnest that fall. Now fully restored, Swann Stables is a beautiful mix of old and new. The unique wedding and event venue showcase the best of southern charm and elegance. And many brides claim Shari, executive events coordinator, demonstrates that same essence of charm and elegance with every couple and family who consider Swann Stables for their special day.

Learn more about Shari’s talents in this candid interview.


How does someone with a television and stage design background find themselves in the destination wedding and special event business?

“Actually, the transition is less surprising than you think. Collaborating with people and bringing their imagination to life is what drives me. After working at Glasgow Comedy Theater and Puppet Productions, I decided to put my enthusiasm, imagination, patience and people management skills into creating the perfect afternoon for bride and grooms to be.”

What feelings and emotions does Shari experience during weddings at Swann Stables?

“It turns out my emotions closely mirror those of the newlyweds: The excitement of the big day, the overwhelming sense of love as family and friends gather to celebrate, and the joy of seeing your plans come to fruition.”

Couples might notice her off to the side dabbing tears from her cheeks during the ceremony. After the day’s festivities end, she’s likely to say a prayer for the couple and their future.

What feelings and emotions do Shari and John want brides, grooms, and their friends and family to experience after a Swann Stables wedding?

“Happiness and the feeling of family. For John and me, it all comes down to your family and new in-laws leaving with a great memory.”

Which areas of the property hold special meaning for you?

“I love hearing the sound of laughter and joy echoing across the property. With each event, I try to cherish at least one quiet moment after the wedding dinner. I’ll escape to one of the porches and enjoy the sounds of laughter floating through the air, knowing that’s the proof of a successful event.”

What distinguishes Swann Stables from the many wedding venues near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

“Swann Stables is a special, very peaceful and park-like setting. With so much craziness and stress in the world, I want people to have lots of laughter, peace and contentment. So John and I work very hard to protect that peacefulness here so every event we have the opportunity to host produces those precious memories that make life worth living.”

Shari’s Commitment

Couples planning a wedding will appreciate Shari’s gift to transform the renovated barn, carriage house or milk parlor into unforgettable settings for your ceremony. At Swann Stables, have the wedding of your dreams by customizing any detail to fit your style, personality and expectations all the while knowing Shari is available to answer questions day and night.

What others are saying about Shari

Misty Tozzi, who celebrated her wedding at Swann Stables in October 2019, expressed the following about her experience. In her Facebook post, Ms. Tozzi gushed,

“It was only after meeting with Shari and John that I realized the Gold mine we had stumbled on! Shari made the entire experience perfect! I didn’t have to lift a finger, her expertise and experience with decorating and directing made it even more perfect. We sent her the colors of my wedding and she did all the decorating, she took care of everything! I worried that when we didn’t rehearse for the wedding something would go wrong, but it was perfect, Shari never skipped a beat it was flawless.”

By the time your wedding day comes to a close, you’ll feel like you are a part of Shari and John’s family.

Popular weekends in 2020 for weddings are filling up. Call Shari today at (865) 640-2220 to start planning your dream wedding or discuss our all-inclusive wedding packages.